Front Desk
Hallway + Adult and Kid rooms


Medical Consultation Fee:

- For Children: $48.00
- For Adults: $53.00

Includes physical exam and prescriptions.
*Additional fees for laboratories and tests.

Preventative Services:

- School/Sports Physicals: $36.00
- Employment Physicals: $38.00

Subsidiary Services:

- Annual Wellness Exam for 21-50 yrs: $38.00
- Annual Wellness Exam for 21-50 yrs: $62.00

Download, print, fill out, and bring in the "New Patient Registration" form to speed up your first time!
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About Us

Our Mission
Our ultimate goal is promoting high quality and quick care for children, adults and the elderly.

Our Purpose
To be the leading Family Clinic Care for the general population by providing low cost health care for those without insurance and at the same time providing high quality care and services.

Our Values
- Compassion: We are caring to our patients, taking into consideration the spirit, physical and emotional needs of the patients we serve.
- Integrity: Christian ethical principles are being shown as we care for our patients.
- Teamwork: We collaborate with all the people we work with on a daily basis.
- Trust and Respect: We have honest and open communication with our employees and the patients we serve. We respect all patients' rights and confidentiality.
Viva Quick Care Family Clinic is NOT for emergency care, such as chest pain, bleeding, premature labor, poisoning, stroke, head injuries, deep wounds, pre-natal care or trauma. This clinic does not treat mental illness or prescribe anti-psychotic medicines.

For emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.
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